Not all Teeth Whitening Systems are created EQUAL – Some brighten, some WHITEN

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KNOW THE DIFFERENCE; don’t you hate it when you feel scammed

There is a difference between brightening and ‘WHITENING’

Why do Dentists & Professional Teeth Whitening Practitioners insist on the minimum of a 1-hour treatment, whilst some so called ‘bargains’ feature fast and cheap deals?

FACT IS most of there quick & cheap offers just brighten rather than whiten the teeth.
The Reason is very simple… “Its got to Reach it to Bleach it”
With all whitening systems it takes time for any bleaching agent to migrate it’s way safely through long resident staining in the tooth before it can bleach the stained Dentine below; (longer for badly stained teeth)

(See diagram. Dentine is the actual tooth ‘bone’ that gives your teeth their natural white colour)

What this means…
If the DENTINE is not reached, your teeth are not whitened as much as they could have been
Any results can be short lived because you have only removed superficial staining from the enamel coating; hence, your money spent – wasted
Moreover, some ‘fast’ operators mix sodium chloride (salt) into their whitening gel…

As we all know, salt absorbs water; Therefore, in whitening, water is absorbed from the enamel immediately making them look much whiter than they actually are, however… within several hours your salvia rehydrates the enamel, and again, your money spent – wasted.

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