Teeth whitening treatments are carried out in just one convenient visit to our Auckland teeth whitening clinic.
An appointment consists of a pre-whitening consultation, a shade-test followed by a set number of gel applications, and set amount of time cycles under the BEYOND® II Teeth Whitening Accelerator System.
All in just one visit to iSmile Auckland Teeth Whitening Clinic!


Lightly Stained Teeth

REVIVEWhite (Light Refresh)


15 Minute Consultation

2 x Whitening Gel Applications

2 x 20 Minute Polus® ADVANCED Whitening Accelerator Cycles

A light whitening (or refresh) option recommended BEST for those with light staining, or teeth that are prone to re-staining requiring treatment every 3-6 months. LOW SENSITIVITY OPTION AVAILABLE


60% Saving | Dental Industry pricing $499


Average Stained Teeth

RADIANTWhite (Average Staining)


15 Minute Consultation

3 x Whitening Gel Applications

3 x 20 Minute Polus® ADVANCED Whitening Accelerator Cycles

This treatment is an effective whitening option recommended BEST for most first-timers with average staining caused by diet and lifestyle. LOW SENSITIVITY OPTION AVAILABLE


60% Saving | Dental Industry pricing $599


Heavily Stained Teeth

ULTIMATEWhite (Heavily Stained)


15 Minute Consultation

4 x Whitening Gel Applications

4 x 20 Minute Polus® ADVANCED Whitening Accelerator Cycles

A powerful deep whitening option recommended BEST for those with heavily stained teeth caused by diet and lifestyle:- smoking, tea, coffee, red wine. LOW SENSITIVITY OPTION AVAILABLE


60% Saving | Dental Industry pricing $699


Instrinsic Stained Teeth

INTRINSICWhite (Specialised)


Performed over 2 days (3 cycles each day | 6 cycles in total)

15 Minute Consultation

6 x Whitening Gel Applications

6 x 20 Minute Polus® ADVANCED Whitening Accelerator Cycles

Performed over two days (3 Applications/Cycles each day – 6 Applications in Total) this specialised whitening option is recommended as BEST for those with staining to the Interior of the tooth caused by medication, genetics, age, root canal infections, tooth decay and injury. LOW SENSITIVITY OPTION AVAILABLE


60% Saving | Dental Industry Pricing $899

Which Treatment is right for me?

Everyone’s teeth are different as are the results; we all have different body chemistry, dental health, lifestyles, and genetics. After undergoing teeth whitening with iSmile™ most clients teeth can be brighten between 4 – 9 shades lighter.  Comparing your current teeth shade to the diagram below should help you determine which treatment is right for you.

Still unsure which treatment?

If you are still unsure as to which treatment is right for you, then please send us a photo taken in good lighting with your teeth fully visable in the picture.  There is no need to include you whole face in the photo – just your teeth.  Once we have the photo we can then determine which treatment option would be best suited to your needs.  Contact Us

What is a Teeth Whitening Cycle?

In brief, a teeth whitening CYCLE is best described as the ACTIVE WHITENING PROCESS in which whitening gel is applied to the teeth and the teeth are exposed to the light accelerator lamp for a set length of time.

A cycle:

1). The whitening gel is applied to the teeth

2). The Light Accelerator is placed over the mouth for a set amount of TIME (e.g. 15 to 20 minute CYCLE)

3). The gel is then removed, and the process repeated (next CYCLE)

Read below to understand the importance of CYCLES.

Why THREE and FOUR 20 Minute Teeth Whitening Cycles work best?

Teeth Whitening happens when a special whitening gel is applied to the face of the teeth combined with the aid of a Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light the gel migrates throughout the millions of tiny minuscule pores of the enamel oxidising the stains.

It is important to understand the gel is most effective in the first 15 to 20 minutes (see diagram) the more cycles you have the deeper the gel migrates into the enamel layer giving whiter results.  For example a two cycle treatment is considered a light whitening or refresh option best for those who’s teeth are prone to re-staining requiring regular treatments every 3-6 months. Our most popular treatment is the RADIANTwhite a three cycle teeth whitening treatment best suited for average staining, or for those who’s teeth are look a little yellower than they would like. For people with dark stains especially in between teeth on the bottom row they would require the ULTIMATEwhite four cycle treatment.

Sensitivity Suffers

If you already suffer from tooth or gum sensitivity then is more likely to occur either during or after your teeth whitening treatment. We do offer SENSITIVE treatment options using a specially formulated American Teeth Whitening Gel ‘Beyond OSMO 6% Hydrogen Peroxide (the same manufacture as our award winning teeth whitening machine).  These gels are a little more expensive but it may be worth your while spending a little more to avoid the unpleasant feeling of sensitivity.

Please enquire for more information and pricing.

Gift Vouchers

What better gift to give someone than the CONFIDENCE to SMILE.
iSmile Teeth Whitening vouchers are available at the current promotional price. Upon purchase of your gift voucher, it will be couriered to you within 5 working days, or alternatively, you can collect it from our Clinic at 645 SH16, Kumeu. The validation period is for 12 months from the date of purchase. A courier fee of $6.00 applies.

Mobile Teeth Whitening

iSmile offers a mobile home service where we will drive to your home to provide teeth whitening services at your convenience.  Please phone or email for price enquiries.

one TREATMENT. . .  great PRICES. . .  WHITE TEETH for up to a YEAR