Can I Whiten My Teeth While I Have Braces?

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We get a lot of people asking if they can have their teeth whitened while they have their braces on and after they get their braces off.  Anyone who has had braces will tell you that their teeth were a bit of a mess and patchy once their braces were removed.  Since straightening teeth with braces can take an average of sixteen to eighteen months, it’s not surprising that many clients want their teeth whitened once the braces are removed.  The staining that has taken place over this time can appear splotchy and uneven, especially where the bracket was adhered to the tooth or where a tooth was once overlapped.

If you have traditional braces with metal or clear brackets attached to each tooth and a metal wire, we recommend that you wait until your treatment plan is completed before considering whitening your teeth.  Since the brackets are glued directly onto your teeth, whitening your teeth with the brackets in place can cause dark spots and uneven colouring once the braces are removed.  The braces themselves may also change colour due to the hydrogen peroxide, an ingredient in the whitening gel that can react with the metal brace.

Can I whiten my teeth after Braces?

In our opinion, it is best to wait until you have completed your orthodontic treatment to begin a teeth whitening treatment. You will achieve better, longer-lasting results, and you won’t have to worry about the whitening treatment being adversely affected by the braces.  We recommend a one-month standdown period between having your braces removed and undertaking professional in-clinic teeth whitening.

Can I whiten my teeth before Braces?

Before getting braces, it’s likely some of your teeth overlap in areas where the teeth are gathered. If that’s the case, the whitening gel won’t be able to reach the overlapped area.  After those teeth are straightened by braces, the overlapped areas will now be visible and may appear discoloured more yellow. For that reason, it’s usually best to wait until after your braces are removed to have your straightened teeth whitened evenly.

Have More Questions About Whitening Your Teeth?

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