Teeth Staining from Carbonated Drinks like Cola, Soda and Others

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If you habitually drink soda or sugary sweet beverages like cola that can potentially leave your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and can cause an unsightly yellow staining making you too embarrassed to smile.

The yellowing of teeth from soda is mainly caused by two substances, chromogens and phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is added to soda drinks for the purpose of flavouring.  Not only is this ingredient is largely responsible for the flavour of soda, but it has also been shown to weaken tooth enamel the glass like outer-shell layer of your tooth.

Chromogens give soda drinks its colour and stains your teeth.  When your tooth enamel has been eaten away by phosphoric acid, chromogens can then easily cause discolouration. Weakened enamel is more susceptible to tooth staining because colour pigments become embedded deep in the enamel layer and no amount of teeth brushing will remove these stains.

How to prevent teeth stains from soda by:

  • Reducing or simply removing the beverage from your diet.
  • Drink through a straw to prevent contact between the soda and your teeth.
  • Thoroughly rinse your mouth with water after drinking soda
  • Teeth whitening can considerably improve the appearance of stained teeth.

Professional in-clinic teeth whitening lets you accomplish a whiter smile by applying a special oxygen-action whitening gel to the front of the teeth; combined with the aid of a specialised machine Light Accelerator the gel migrates throughout the minuscule pores of the enamel, oxidising stains and leaving behind only the natural colour of the white dentine below.

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