How to Remove and Prevent Coffee Stains on your Teeth

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While a cup of coffee or tea is a well-established part of the morning routine for many people, you may not realize how much it affects your teeth. If you don’t take the proper precautions, drinking coffee or tea continually can eventually lead to unsightly yellow and brown teeth stains. Here’s some more info on why this happens and some measures you can take to prevent and remove it.

Why Coffee and Tea Cause Teeth Staining?

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. It’s so hard, in fact, that it’s actually harder than steel. However, because it’s not a flat, smooth surface, it can become stained. Through natural expansion and contraction of hot and cold substances the enamel which contains millions of microscopic pores becomes embedded with unprocessed compounds from food, drink with dark pigments, such as coffee and tea leading to tooth discolouration and staining on your teeth. No amount of teeth brushing will remove these stains.

How to prevent Coffee and Tea Teeth Staining

The best way to prevent “coffee smile” is to stop drinking it. If that statement just made you laugh, then there’s still hope. Here are some steps you can take to keep your teeth as white as possible and still enjoy your morning coffee:

After your coffee or tea you can drink lots of water to rinse your teeth and even brush before the pigments set in.

Use a straw, but make sure it’s a straw specifically designed for hot beverages. While this doesn’t completely protect your teeth from the staining elements, it reduces direct exposure to them.

To keep your teeth looking healthy and white, it is recommended you have a good dental hygiene routine and have your teeth whitening at a professional teeth whitening clinic at least every 12 months. Of course, Be sure to brush and floss regularly.

Teeth Whitening for removing Coffee Stains

If your teeth are already stained with coffee, luckily you can do something about it.  The most efficient and affordable way to have your teeth whitened is at a Professional Teeth Whitening Clinic.  Treatments are carried out in one convenient visit consisting of a pre-whitening consultation, a shade test followed by a set number of gel applications and set amount of time under a light accelerator such as the Beyond II Whitening Accelerator Machine.

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